This project was inspired by two public art events held annually in Sydney, Vivid Sydney and Sculptures by the Sea. The first is a city-wide public exhibition of light and shadow art installed around the city. The second is a sculpture walk along the coast in Sydney's eastern suburbs. For the project, students were introduced to the idea of making art using light and shadow and were then invited to create sculptural works or installations in small groups. Most of the materials used (excluding lighting elements) were acquired from Reverse Garbage, a reuse centre that sells discarded materials for repurposing. Along the way students experimented with different light sources and had the opportunity to make simple LED circuits using coin cell batteries. 

All of the works were showcased at an end of term exhibition attended by members of the school community. At the exhibition the students dressed in black and attached small LEDs to their bodies to add a performative edge to the viewers' experience.

About Design School

Design School is a co-curricular creative arts program for students from years 3 to 6. It was launched in 2016 at Wenona School. Each term groups of 15 students embark on open ended process driven creative arts projects designed to nurture their artistry and self expression. Other examples include Architecture and Street Art