Sound Mapping

During the Trash Orchestra project I was thinking of ways to get students to perceive the world through their ears, to develop their capacity for listening, before they started making musical instruments. From my work in nature education I'd used mapping as a tool for connecting people to their environments, and from my contemporary musician friends I'd seen how graphic scores are used to communicate sound. That's how I got to sound mapping, which is not a new concept - but even old ideas can be found and picked up and looked at for the first time.

Ever since I've been thinking about how to refine the process and apply it in different contexts. Next week I'm heading to Arnhem Land for six months to do some projects with the kids at Gapuwiyak School. The first will be to create a collective sound map of the grounds. And in January I'll be facilitating a sound mapping project as part of the Arquetopia Art Educators Residency in Puebla, Mexico. In the meantime I plan to make a practice of sound mapping and to research related concepts.

So I got myself some recording equipment and I'll be collecting sounds, creating illustrated and poetic impressions of those sounds and collating them according to GPS location. I'll be posting my sound notes on a new blog Notes. Down the track I'd like to explore ways of creating maps with the data.