First Post

I decided to make the homepage of this website into a blog. Here goes.

I'm heading somewhere. I'm not sure where that somewhere is but I'm making my way. And I'm taking notes about interesting encounters and discoveries as I go. Every now and then I look over my notes to see where I've been or maybe to remember something I've forgotten, because I so easily forget. I think one day I'll forget everything. For now though, these are some of the things I'm working on.

  • I'm learning to play the didgeridoo. I started midway through last year because in 2016 some friends introduced me to music by a man named Simon Barker. He's a drummer and a sage in music education, particularly with regard to rhythm. He teaches his students how to teach rhythm to their bodies and how to know rhythm in their bodies. I know this because one of my friends is a student of his and so I'm learning through the grapevine. At the moment I'm practicing playing in 5s and 7s. Anyway I was so inspired by his approach that I wanted to play an instrument and the didge seemed a natural choice.
  • I'm doing a street art project with two groups of kids at Wenona School. I've been working with the kids there for a few years now on various art projects. This one is really exciting me. The plan is for the kids to learn different forms of street art in the context of free expression. I'm documenting the journey and I'll post more about it after the next workshop on Tuesday.
  • I'm keeping a graphic diary and drawing or painting for an hour every day.
  • I'm writing a secret blog.
  • I'm hoping to go overseas soon and I've applied for a few residencies that might make for a wonderful adventure, so in that regard my fingers are crossed.
  • Here in Sydney I recently moved into a new house with a small garden out the back so I'm planning to set up some space out there tomorrow, which will be an opportunity to take 'before' and 'after' photos and also to spend time making space, which is one of my favourite things to do.
  • I'm leading a bush school project at Centennial Park. Groups of 20 or so children aged 2.5 to 5 come with a parent to an enchanted area of the park set aside for native bush regeneration. The project runs two days a week for whole terms at a time. Our aim is to build a community around nature connection. Its a beautiful thing and rich with learning about children, parenting, connection, community and nature. I'm also co-leading a similar program for home schooled children aged 5 to 12. They come with a parent once a week for a more advanced program.

So these are the things I hope to keep track of with this blog. No doubt other encounters and discoveries will surface, but for now this is enough to remember.

And here are some photos by way of illustration.