Daniel Silver is a storyteller, art therapist and children’s educator. His stories and personal reflections deal with complexities in culture, psyche, self and other. Daniel is currently based in Australia’s Northern Territory.


Daniel was born in Johannesburg in 1989. He grew up in a small Jewish community in Perth, Western Australia and after finishing high school began a combined degree in Law and Economics at The University of Western Australia. He abandoned his studies in 2011 to move to Sydney where he took a job on the trading desk of a boutique investment bank.

But after two years Daniel realised finance wasn’t for him. He decided to start again, took a part time job at a local preschool and enrolled in a Philosophy and Comparative Literature degree at Sydney University.

Since then Daniel has developed in children’s education with a focus on pedagogical approaches involving art and nature. Between 2015 and 2018 he established a successful co-curricular creative arts program at Wenona School and was instrumental in the growth of the bush school program at Centennial Parklands. Early in 2018 Daniel held a six week residency at Nicholson Street Public School where he facilitated a project with 175 primary school students to build an orchestra using salvaged materials and record an album of original music with two Australian contemporary musicians.

In mid 2018 Daniel traveled to Arnhem Land in Australia’s Northern Territory to complete a placement for an Advanced Diploma in Art Therapy. There he began writing and podcasting a series of weekly letters exploring themes related to cultural identity, which, along with a number of stories and poems created during his time as an educator, form the basis of his continuing literary effort.

In January 2019 Daniel will participate in the Arquetopia International Art Educators Residency in Puebla, Mexico before returning to the Northern Territory in late February to take up a professional appointment as a Children’s Counsellor in Alice Springs.