I’m an educator (nature education & art education) and writer living in Australia’s Central Desert. I’m interested in culture and identity; also stories and dreams.


I was born in Johannesburg in 1989 and grew up in Perth, Western Australia. Part-way through a Law degree I moved to Sydney in 2011 and unsuccessfully attempted to become an investment banker. After that I landed in children’s education, and became interested in nature education and art education.

Guided by respected mentors in both fields, between 2015 and 2018 I established a successful co-curricular creative arts program at Wenona School and was instrumental in the growth of the bush school program at Centennial Parklands.

Early in 2018 I held a six week residency at Nicholson Street Public School during which I sought to integrate my educational approach in a project to build an orchestra using salvaged materials and record an album of original music with 175 primary school students and two Australian contemporary musicians.

In July 2018 I traveled to Arnhem Land in Australia’s Northern Territory where I lived and worked for six months in the remote community of Gapuwiyak. I continued to develop and refine my approach in two successful projects and I also co-coordinated a series of bush trips with local educators.

In January 2019 I facilitated a project with ten students from the School of Fine Arts at BUAP University in Puebla, Mexico, as part of the Arquetopia Foundation’s International Art Educators Residency program.

I returned to the Northern Territory in February to continue my work in Alice Springs.